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Eileen M.  Fannon

Eileen M. Fannon has considered herself semi-retired since 2014 even though she spends more than 40 hours a week attending to her clients.  It is a state of mind.  To her this is a vocation, not a job.   Ask Eileen how she is paid or why she is not a member of the Financial Planners Association® and you will clearly understand who she puts first in her relationship with clients.

For Eileen, the financial planning process is all about conscious financial choices.  Her mission is to help people understand this and implement it in their lives. She joined The Oak Tree Group in October of 2001.  Eileen has two social science degrees from Georgia State University and a business degree from Oglethorpe University.

Eileen is active with the Atlanta Track Club as a Run Lead for its training programs.  She has completed over 180 half marathons, including at least one in each US state and on every continent as well as the prestigious World Marathon Majors.