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Kelly S. Miller

Building and solving financial puzzles is Kelly Miller's passion. She began The Oak Tree Group in September of 1990, and continues to devote her life to helping her clients realize their financial dreams and desires. Kelly has a...
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Eileen M. Fannon

Eileen M. Fannon has considered herself semi-retired since 2014 even though she spends more than 40 hours a week attending to her clients. To her this is a vocation, not a job. Ask Eileen how she is paid or why she is not a member of...

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Ellen C. Rapier

Ellen Rapier joined the Oak Tree Group team in 2004, and became licensed in 2006. Ellen is passionate about helping fellow Gen Xers and Millennials reach their financial goals and accumulate wealth. Because of her enthusiasm for...

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Laurel Miller

Laurel Miller became an official member of the Oak Tree Group in the summer of 2017. However, she has been observing the high level of care and customer service the firm has provided for many years. Realizing the importance of this...

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Sue Yuhas

Sue Yuhas joined our team in 2005, and plays a crucial role in the administrative functions of the Oak Tree Group. With a strong background in banking, she coordinates our organizational needs, with critical attention to detail and...

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